Agricola el Porvenir
Welcome The horticultural operation is based fundamentally in the growing, cultivating, packing, transporting and  distributing of fresh vegetables that  have a quality that allows us to compete in the  national and international market since 1949.  In the last two decades we have specialized in the production of vine rippened Tomatoes, Romas,  Cucumbers, European Cucumbers (without seeds), Bell Peppers, in their green variety like of color, however  it is important to point out that with the purpose of more than 60 years of being in the market we have  produced and distributed diverse vegetables and fruits between which we could point out the following: Green Beans, Sweet Corn, Hot Chiles, Eggplant,  Honeydews, Cantaloupes, Squash and Grape.  We concurred to the markets with diverse labels that they allow to identify our clients the quality of our  products being these: Tricar Gold, Tridan, Rua
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