In 1945, Dr. Daniel Cardenas Mora, surgeon, sees the potential the the valley of Culiacán has and  decides to modestly begin an agriculture business by forming a company together with other  collegues as well as the temporary help of his son, Daniel Cardenas Izabal. Due to his vocation,  Cardenas Izabal decides to study agronomy in 1946 in a private agriculture school called Hermanos  Escobar, located in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico. Later on, in 1949, Dr. Cardenas Mora together  with his son, Daniel Cardenas Izabal (fresh out of college) as well as Alfredo Tribolet (who only lasts  one season) reopen a small agriculture operation, thus giving birth to the Tricar Label. In 1952, Dr.  Daniel Cardenas Mora together with his son Daniel, agree to open a Tricar distributing office in  Nogales, Arizona, U.S.A. This is the first office owned by Mexican agriculturists, which is now an  American Corporation, whose president is Daniel Cardenas Izabal. With the collaboration of Daniel Cardenas Izabal, this modest agricultural operation would become through  the years an important horticultural business. During that time an important support in infrastructure, such as  mechanized packaging, refrigerated rooms, workshop areas and greenhouses. Daniel Cardenas Cevallos joins the company in 1987 and is nowadays in charge of  running it. He collaborated with adapting new techniques such as fumigating of soils as  well as obtaining new tomato seeds that can yield long shelf life, also he builds the  electronic packing. He has also allowed the development of better commercialization and  organization systems, always keeping in mind honesty, efficiency and quality as goals  Juan Carlos Cardenas Cevallos joins Tricar Sales, Inc. July of 1996 as it's Vice-President.  He has the challenge of improving Tricar Sales, Inc. , its commercialization as well as  opening the distribution to a greater number of agriculturists whose trademark is to offer the highest quality  products. In order to continue with the ongoing tradition held generation after generation which has been its  philosophy: quality, quality and more quality. 
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