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The name of Sinaloa comes from a term used in Cahita language that means "Pitahaya Redonda" (Rounded Pitaya), a fruit typical of region. The conquest of Sinaloa began 1531 by the spaniards headed by Nuño Beltrán de Guzmán. The state of Sinaloa has a territory surface of 58,092 square kilometers, equal to 2.9% of the country's  total. Its extends from the Eeastern Sierra Madre Mountains into the Pacific Ocean. It has a privileged  location on the Pacific as well as eleven dams which generate electric power and make up yhe basic  watering infrastructure, thus giving way to the highest technical agriculture developed in Mexico.  Eleven dams have been built in order to control and make the most of this potential.  They have a storage capacity of 22,405 millon cubic meters. 
Agricola el Porvenir

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